Dr. Nicole Lewis

Naturopathic Doctor dedicated to the pursuit of natural solutions that treat the underlying cause.

I'm Dr. Nicole Lewis

A Naturopathic Doctor, author, founder of Women Strong, co-creator of the Wholeness Academy.

I am committed to helping you overcome anxiety and depression so you can live life to the fullest.

There is more than just medication.

I believe your body has an innate desire to heal.
My approach takes into account the whole person- body, mind, and spirit, going beyond the diagnosis to treat the individual.

Mental Health


Female Hormones

Preconception/ Prenatal
Postpartum Depression
Postpartum Anxiety

Thyroid Disorders


Gut Health

"Leaky Gut"
Celiac Disease

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TIEReport- Translational Imaging qEEG Report

Brain mapping is a quick, in-office procedure which can help us to understand how your brain works, and guide us in choosing medication, supplement, and lifestyle interventions.

Conditions that benefit from TIEReport:

Treatment resistant conditions
Sleep Problems
Brain Injury
Learning Disorders
Substance Use Disorders

If you are tired of medication failures, or want to avoid medications altogether, brain mapping is for you. 

Request qEEG brain map

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Mental Health


After experiencing what a therapist later labeled as “Medical Trauma”, I found myself in total distrust and disgust with the typical medical system. My cry for mental health help was answered with two ill fitting (never ending) prescriptions, unreasonable and self serving recommendations, zero tests or assessments, and zero follow ups. Thankfully, I met Dr. Lewis. She took time to hear me out, assess me, run labs, ask more questions, analyze my reports, and teach/coach me. She gave me (free, natural) solutions I was in control of and responsible for. They worked wonders. She recommended affordable supplements and identified a structured timeline I would be on them for. She followed up with more check ins and other necessary labs. I bounced back within 6 months. I implement natural approaches to health Dr. Lewis taught me daily. Whenever something new arises, she is the first person I think to consult with. I trust her. However, this is *my* health. My ultimate responsibility. Dr. Lewis is just my most trusted partner in taking care of my health. 100/10 recommend finding yourself a Dr. Lewis.

Ellen H.

If you are looking for an excellent Naturopath, look no further! Dr. Nicole Lewis is a phenomenally gifted practitioner with expertise in deep diagnostics and layered care plans for simple to complex issues. Frustrated with years of "band-aid" treatments, over prescribed antibiotics and a myriad of un-diagnosed underlying causes, I was left with compounded issues related to hormone imbalance, food sensitivities and other smaller problems that were leading to bigger mental & physical issues that remained unaddressed. I had experimented with "natural remedies" over the years and while none were entirely successful, it became quickly evident that an ounce of prevention or more to the point, locating the cause of the symptoms, was the way to go for me. But looking for a practitioner that is reputable, has a true Naturopathic license and the expansive education that goes with it was daunting. I happened to have the good fortune to finally come across Dr. Nicole Lewis. Over the years I have worked with her, we have peeled back some of the layers, addressing the most critical items through a combination of thorough testing to get to the root of the cause and treatment courses that help to correct the cause, not just cover the symptoms. As my body has changed through aging and new developments, I have been able to count on Dr. Lewis to be a strong advocate to get to the bottom of it and find the right course of treatments. Dr. Lewis has remained part of my care team for many years. Totally worth it to spend the money , time & effort it takes to work with a good Naturopath. My healthcare is a journey, not a destination and I know I can count on Dr. Nicole to be my side every step of the way. I highly recommend Dr. Nicole Lewis as someone who will be your advocate, take the time to work with you on you on simple or complex issues, and do the work to find the best course of care!

Kim S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of testing do you use?

One of our best tools is the qEEG brain map which helps us to identify brain patterns that can be causing symptoms. This is particularly useful for patients with a history of medication failures. From there we can determine which medications, supplements, and lifestyle will be most supportive to the individual. Other testing includes food sensitivities, stool analysis, nutrient and heavy metals, hormones, genetics, and more. 

Do you treat things besides mental health?

Yes, I treat the whole person. In order to achieve total health and wellness we need to assess all body systems. Everything is connected.

Will I have to be on medications and supplements forever?

I support many people in their goal to eliminate or reduce medications and supplements. 

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently an out of network provider. At this time I do not want to be limited by insurance for the time we spend together. We may use insurance to run labs and you are welcome to self-submit a super bill. 

I have more questions.

Great! Please complete the New Patient application, and I look forward to speaking with you.